Memorial mystery solved

I wasn’t too sure about what was going on regarding Bath’s War Memorial which is sited at the town entrance to Royal Victoria Park.

Bath’s war memorial at the town end entrance to Royal Victoria Park.

It looked like one of the panels is missing?  The answer is on the B&NES website.

“Cleaning work and minor repairs are currently being carried out on Bath’s War Memorial ahead of the centenary of the end of the First World War when the city will honour those whose names are recorded on it.

The work has started on the memorial which is at the entrance to the Royal Victoria Park, in Royal Avenue. ”

Still think it might be a good idea to post a notice at the memorial to explain what is happening.

What’s happened to our War Memorial – is there a plaque missing?

Meanwhile, l was getting to know a young urban gull at close quarters this morning – perched as it was on the balustrade at Grand Parade and beside Pulteney Bridge and Weir.

Interesting to see that this young gull fledgeling has been tagged twice. What’s this all about?

Noticed that both its legs had been tagged. I am told the B&NES gull team don’t do this sort of thing so maybe someone may know where this bird has come from?