Housing money for Bath – but for what exactly?

Just minutes after publishing this – from the Office of the West of England Mayor – Another press release arrived from B&NES.

It’s the big story above this one. You can pretty well ignore what is written beneath now.

I get confused with what is being developed and exactly where – when it comes to the transformation of the banks of the River Avon through Bath.

So when a press release arrives from the office of the West of England Mayor – praising the government for announcing it’s sending 22 million to this region to help with ‘delivering new homes’ – l am not sure where and on what the city’s share of this financial bonanza is being spent.

western riverside
Some of the new homes at Bath Riverside

The release says this includes £12.5 million for Bath Riverside. Isn’t that the bit of the riverbank Crest Nicholson have been busy erecting flats and houses?

The other bit of redevelopment talked about recently has been Bath Quays. Now that’s up from Churchill Bridge.

So this is money for what exactly?


Metro Mayor 1 - CB Bristol Design 2017.
West of England Mayor, Tim Bowles.


The West of England Mayor, Tim Bowles said:

“My priority is to deliver more homes for our residents, particularly affordable homes, and so today’s announcement is welcome.”

Affordable homes is a red-hot issue in our city at present. I cannot wait to hear more.

Here’s the rest of the press release.

“Housing Secretary Sajid Javid and Chancellor Philip Hammond announced today that 133 council-led projects across the country will receive funding to support local work that will make housing developments viable and get much-needed homes built quicker.


In the West of England, this includes £12.5m for Bath Riverside; and £6.7m for Lockleaze and £3m for Glencoynce Square in Bristol.

Tim Bowles said: “This is a significant investment in our region. Our ability to talk to central government as a Combined Authority, with one voice for our region, is one of the key benefits of devolution. In addition to these successful bids, WECA is also pursuing further funding through the Housing Infrastructure Fund and I’m leading discussions with Government on a new 20-year Housing Deal. This will help us to deliver new homes, including much-needed supporting infrastructure.”

This was part of a Government announcement of £866 million investment to help unlock potential 200,000 new homes.