Brand new bollards at last!

Good news to report for people crossing the Lansdown Road – near the Royal High School in Bath.

It was from near there that Bath Newseum fan Tony Howell wrote to complain about the state of the bollards on the traffic island.

It’s a sorry sight for six months – says Tony.

“There has been only ONE bollard (when there are supposed to be TWO) for about 6 (yes, you ‘eard, SIX) months. The extant one is battered, bent, dented, dirty and distended.

It is a beacon, a metaphor for the state of this country today. And no, I’m not on my high horse. It really does demonstrate how we collectively feel about ourselves.”
Well, l hope Tony is feeling cheered by a visit from the chaps at B&NES Highway’s Department.
The new bollards
“You may be interested to know that as a result of my appeals to Tim Warren of BANES (Bathnes), or whatever it calls itself nowadays, and indeed your kind exposure of this problem, some three weeks on, we now, as of this morning, have new bollards.
So WE can pat ourselves on the back. Except we can’t, because there’s much more to be done.
United we stand, divided we fall.”

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  1. These bollards are a rather old design. Further north along Lansdown Rd you can see newer ones which IIRC are thinner and yellow all the way down. My guess is that they are gradually working round replacing old bollards with new ones. If it’s like waste bins they may have to wait till the new spending year in April before they can do any more.

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