Bridge crack? We’re keeping an eye on it says Council.

Well, l have finally had my official answer from B&NES regarding the sorry state of the stone balustrade alongside Pulteney Bridge – and regarding the crack in the stone facade to one side of this Grade 1 listed structure’s first span over the River Avon.

The crack is below the cafe window and above one side of the first bridge span.

Here’s the statement from the Press Office.

“Pulteney Bridge is subject to regular inspections, in accordance with nationally adopted standards.

The vegetation growing on the structure will be removed in a future programme of maintenance work.

The minor crack in the shop façade was identified through the inspection regime and is subject to ongoing monitoring.”

Well, l still think it is getting wider!

Hopefully, you can see the crack in the horizontal seam between the masonry.

It’s a shame the balustrade wasn’t subject to regular inspections too. It might have prevented the weeds from growing so well.

Here’s the view – looking through the cafe window.

Pulteney Bridge was designed by Robert Adam in a Palladian style. It was completed in 1774 and connected the city with the newly built Georgian town of Bathwick.

It is one of only four such bridges in the world in having shops built across its full span on both sides.

It is one of the most iconic structures in our World Heritage city and a favourite tourist spot for taking ‘selfies’.




  1. Press statement not acceptable Richard. They need to clarify ‘future programme of maintenance work’.

  2. Well done Richard, the council ought to pay you for doing their job! Do they all live in a bubble with eyes closed! As you said the plants growing along & into the stone ballastrade should have been delt with long before they caused damage. I too have noticed the bridge cracks. The whole structure looks solid but we know it is fragile & not designed for the heavy buses etc that still cross it. These should all be stopped & rerouted via the other bridge at north parade. The council will probably wait until further cracks or a failure happens before acting on what will be a expensive and unnecessary expense for tax payers! Again well done you for bringing this to the notice of everyone!

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