Buddleia versus Brunel.

Elsewhere on Bath Newseum l have drawn attention to the state of the stone balustrade on the Grand Parade side of Pulteney Bridge.

It’s weed-infested – as this view through the bridge cafe window shows all to well.

Here’s the view – looking through the cafe window.

Richard Lucking has come through to remind me that there is another iconic site in the city where Nature is getting the better of  man-made things.

The ‘greening’ of Brunel’s retaining wall throuogh Sydney Gardens.

Pop into Sydney Gardens and look at Brunel’s magnificent railway cutting through the park.

A fine display of buddleia and other plants.

Richard says: “The “Network Rail” approach to these things? Wait for the roots to damage things so much you have to completely rebuild!”

The main line to London through Sydney Gardens.

It’s true to say parts of the stone retaining wall might feel at home within the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

A spokesperson for Network Rail has now told Bath Newseum:

“We are aware of the build-up of vegetation in Sydney Gardens and a staged approach will be delivered to clear it.

This work follows the recent timber deck renewal on the Brunel footbridge in the Gardens. Soon to also be completed will be the retaining walls, which will include de-vegetation works and minor stonework repairs.”