S’now what to do with your rubbish!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – from Bath’s Theatre Royal – have joined Bath & North East Somerset Council’s campaign to encourage residents to make full use of the wide range of recycling collection services available and reduce what goes into rubbish bags over the Christmas break.


At Christmas, we use enough card packaging in the UK to cover Big Ben nearly 260,000 times – a staggering amount which, when laid out, would cover the return distance between London and Lapland – 103 times (*) – so it’s lucky that we can recycle!

Devon-Elise Johnson, who stars as Snow White, in the pantomime was joined by the Theatre Royal’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ – Jamie Legg as Sneezer, Simeon Dyer as Smiler, Glynn Jones as Kip, Sarah Knowles as Soppy, Mark Sealey as Grouchy, Steve Cox as Twitcher and Chris Chapman as Pop – who are helping Bath & North East Somerset Council publicise just how much of the waste we produce at Christmas can now be recycled.

The Theatre Royal’s Snow White, Devon-Elise Johnson, said: “In the pantomime, Snow White has to do a lot of chores for the Wicked Queen but one household job I love is recycling. We’re backing Bath and North East Somerset’s Christmas recycling campaign and I’m a huge fan, with so much extra waste at this time of year it’s more important than ever to get involved. If you follow the simple guidelines, you might be surprised to see just how much you actually can recycle now. It’s great to know that everything collected for recycling is made into useful new products, it helps to save energy and resources, so the more we can all recycle the better.”

Almost everyone is familiar with recycling certain basic items, but with such a wide range now included Snow White and the ‘Magnificent Seven’ are reminding everyone of the top 7 Christmas items we can recycle, including;

–     PAPER, remember to recycle your Christmas wrapping paper and greetings cards;

–     GLASS BOTTLES AND JARS from cranberry sauce, mincemeat and mulled wine bottles;

–     FOIL from mince pies and wrapping the turkey;

–     CANS AND AEROSOLS including squirty cream aerosols plus large tins like biscuit tins;

–     TEXTILES including worn out or unwanted Christmas jumpers;

–     CARDBOARD, you can recycle packaging from presents and deliveries, mince pie boxes and tubes from inside wrapping paper and the cardboard from around Christmas crackers (make sure you remove all other non-cardboard items);

–     ELECTRICAL ITEMS like broken fairy lights or electronic toys;


–     FOOD – Snow White may well have wished she’d recycled her infamous apple in her food waste! As well as fruit, you can also put left-over turkey skin and bones in your food bin, sprout and vegetable peelings, nut shells and any other left over food – remember you can put your food in plastic bags if you prefer not to use the compostable liners.

Bath & North East Somerset Council would like to thank the residents of Bath and North East Somerset for their help and patience with the new collection service. Now that rubbish is collected every other week, it’s important to recycle as much as possible and the Council is hoping that these tips will help residents to do just that over the Christmas period. When putting your recycling out, please remember to help the crews by separating your recycling.

There will be no collections on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day (25, 26 Dec and 1 Jan) so residents are advised to check their revised collection day online at

www.bathnes.gov.uk/checkcollection or contact Council Connect on 01225 39 40 41.

Residents can also take their waste to Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Recycling Centres. These will be open every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day (25, 26 Dec and 1 Jan).


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