Wedged in Westgate Street.

The Council does little to help traders in the city’s Westgate Street.

I make no excuses for regarding it as one of the dirtiest, run down and traffic-choked thoroughfares in our World Heritage city.

A few years ago – l was told – they were thinking about pedestrianising it. It didn’t happen. It’s now a one-way street accommodating a two-way cycle run. Not a good idea.

You couldn’t push a beer mat between these two lorries

It has so many broken kerb stones from HGV’s parking on the pavement they have had to fill the gaps with resin-infused tarmac!

Cab to cab.

Last night l witnessed a massive Dutch lorry trying to get through. I am assuming the driver – who would not have known the city – was using Sat-Nav?

The two lorries appear jammed together.

Remarkable pictures of two lorries wedged side by side.

The truck was forced onto the pavement – blocking pedestrians. No police or traffic wardens anywhere near – while l was there anyway.

Words fail me!

This city appears to have no rules about deliveries. There always seems to be a van or lorry parked somewhere.

Here are some more recent images illustrating public transport having to cope with streets clogged with delivery lorries during the day.

This bus driver managed eventually to get the bus through in Broad Street.
It shouldnt have to be like this – should it?

Plus a tight squeeze for pedestrians in Westgate Street.

Not much between lorries and pedestrians in Westgate Street. Not what l think of as ‘shared space!’

Wouldn’t it be better – and safer – to deliver before 10 am and after 6pm?




  1. I think there is something about different logistics for Bath – outer hubs and smaller deliveries from them – in the latest strategies and plans from BANES

  2. Some cities require HGV deliveries to be made during trhe quiet hours… say between 2100 and 0600. I wonder if that simple solution might help… ?

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