Well, that was fun. Happened to be in while one of B&NES new recycling lorries made its slow way down the street.

Not sure the guys have completely got the hang of the new system yet  – or maybe there is a fault with the mechanicals – but when they opened the flap to tip in my plastic and tin – what was already on board started to fall out.

One of the new lorries. I deliberately didn’t take pictures of the guys picking up the spillage.

They closed the flap and pressed a button which is supposed to conveyor belt the contents up and over the collection bins to some storage place elsewhere on board.

Flap down here. When the silo for plastic and tin is full they close it and press a button which moves the contents by conveyor belt. I was told!!

By this time l break away to rage against a driver using my drive to turn around in – not  wanting to wait while the recycling men moved slowly down the hill.

By this time the blockage on board seems to have cleared and the receiving bin was ready for more. Judging by what the guys said – l think they prefer the old waggons.