Loopy hoops

Workmen were busy removing what is left of the gunmetal cycle hoops outside the Guildhall – and on the other side of the High Street – ready for Sunday’s Remembrance Day parade.

The hoop removal underway.

Despite warnings – admittedly giving the wrong date for removal – one bike went into the back of a lorry still attached to its hoop.

This bike goes with the hoop. It’ll be back on Monday!

The hoop and the bike will be back again on Monday.

One of the workmen told me a pink bike has been attached to a hoop for the whole year!

This pink bike has been abandoned on a hoop for a year.

I am also informed that – despite the number of hoops missing from outside the Guildhall  — there is a pile of them ‘back at the depot’.

Not doing much good there B&NES!