Update on Westgate Street tarmac.

I have often said Bath’s Westgate Street is one of the most battered and abused roads in the city.

It’s often blocked with delivery vans and lorries, and its pennant kerb stones broken or dislodged by the wheels of the weighty wagons parked (illegally?) above.

Tarmac infills replacing missing kerb stones.

Well it seems the missing stones have been replaced with tarmac and new road markings applied.

Is it just me or would others agree that the first vehicle to park – with its wheels on the pavement – will just squash that infill?

Is this for real?

A spokesperson for B&NES told Bath Newseum:

“The asphalt repairs to kerbing are temporary and have been made in response to a marked increase in damage to kerbs and footways cause by vehicles mounting on to and running along the pavement.

This issue has been exacerbated by the development work currently taking place in Saw Close and  Westgate Street.

The flexible asphalt concrete will stand up better to contact with vehicles and keep the area as safe as possible for pedestrians. When we feel the risk of damage is reduced we will reinstate the original kerbs and footway.”