The Public House – Three Presentations with Films


Some special lectures – with films – coming up in November at the Museum of Bath at Work.

Local Historian Kirsten Elliott will introduce three lectures with documentary films made in the 20th century on the subject of the public house, its development in historic times, the changes to how they operated in the 1960s and 1970s and the future.

Admission to the lectures is £5.00 with a light lunch provided​.

1pm, Wednesday, November 1st: The History of the Public House – An Introduction
How the public house as we know it, locally and nationally developed and evolved in the period up to the Second World War. Featuring the films ‘The Story of English Inns’(1944) and ‘Down at the Local’ (1945)

1pm, Wednesday November 8th: The Public House – Changing Times
During the 1960s public houses evolved as car ownership and travel increased and pubs began to offer a wider range and higher standards of customer care, refreshments and other attractions. Featuring the films ‘The Ship Hotel’ (1967) and ‘All in Good Time’ (1964)

1pm, Wednesday November 15th: Present and Future
In the 1970s and 1980s the public house continued its central role in many communities but changing trends in consuming alcohol at home and competition from restaurants and bars forced many public houses to close or radically change the facilities they offered the public.  Featuring  the films ‘Local Life’ (1982) ‘What you’ll have?’ (1977)