Bath Spa’s platform extensions

Well the Government may have slowed things down on the electrification front but that hasn’t stopped Network Rail engineers getting on with the job of lengthening and re-building platforms at Bath Spa station.

Work underway to extend the up platform out over the Skew Bridge.

Regardless of absent pylons and overhead wires, the new Hitachi bi-mode trains GWR have bought for their fleet upgrade will be coming into action in a month or so.

They can switch from electricity to diesel – so can still come into service. The trains are due to run with up to ten carriages – so Bath Spa needs longer platforms.

A closer view of the work underway.


A spokesperson for Network Rail told Bath Newseum: ‘ We are undertaking an 80m extension on the up platform and 4m on the down platform will be demolished and reconstructed; hoping to complete both by the end of the year.’

What the new trains will look like.

If the new ten-carriage trains pass through Bath before the work on the up line is finished they will no doubt have to lock the the doors on the last two!

Meanwhile travellers going towards Bristol will know there has been no cafe facility at all.

GWR’s press office spokesperson told me: ‘It’s my understanding is that the vendor has decided to close this facility, not us, and we will be offering the opportunity for other businesses.’