Guildhall’s green ribbons.

The green ribbons spotted on the railings outside Bath Guildhall

Whatever the green ribbons were meant to represent – and l am told it is Mental Health Awareness  – they didn’t stay tied to the railings outside Bath Guildhall for very long.

Untying the green ribbons

They could be seen either side of the steps leading into the building – until eagle-eyed staff spotted them and took them off.

While l was in town it was good to see the metal shutters that have been pulled down across the old Phone4U shops for months have finally been ditched in favour of a new shop front.

How the old shop has looked for months!

Let’s hope that means a new business appearing soon on Union Street.

A new shop front instead or the iron shutters.

Meanwhile, evidence at Bath Spa station of the major Network Rail works to come in April when through trains will be halted while tracks are re-laid and platforms both widened and lengthened.

Spotted in the middle of the tracks at Bath Spa station. Is this the first digger of many that will be set to work in a month’s time when the station closes for track moving, platform lengthening and widening.
A notice giving notice of the closure of Bath Spa station

And finally. As a lover of kinetic energy and always keen to promote the ‘Nails’ wind sculpture down on the riverside at Homebase – it is good to see the Bell Inn in Walcot Street is sporting its own little mobile. Maybe someone will tell me who did it. Can we have more.

The wind mobile in the Homebase car park.

I cannot make them celebrate water in this city so maybe we should go for wind. There is plenty of it in Bath?