Take notice?

Do you know – checking back through my photos – l see l first reported this bicycle chain -which has been abandoned on a bicycle ‘loop’ outside Bath Guildhall – back in August.

When will someone take this away?

You take a picture and then send it to Council Connect and get an acknowledgement with a case reference number.

Well today – November 2nd – it is still there. Alongside the missing cycle hoops that have not been replaced in months!

The first one to go – on a group of three – disappeared months ago.

Someone told me the bolts holding them in place are not up to the job and the hoops may have snapped off.

Hope B&NES still has them because l am sure they have a scrap value.

Now new notices have appeared on the bike hoops that remain informing cyclists that these will be removed at 8 am on Sunday, November 13th for one day. They need the space for the review of the march past.

Don’t leave your bikes here overnight on Saturday, November 12th!

Hopefully someone might take this abandoned lock off before the hoop it is attached to is returned to its place on the High Street.

The Council is not very ‘on-the-ball’ when it comes to street litter.

A public notice for a June event – four months ago?

On the other side of the High Street – attached to a pedestrian crossing traffic light post – is a public notice warning of road closures in June 2016 for the University of Bath Graduation Ceremonies!!

I think we have got the message. Can someone remove it now?

While we’re talking about street ‘furniture’ it is nice to see a traditional freestanding and circular letter box has had a fresh coat of paint. But this is near an area attracting tourists.

NIce to see some pillar boxes get a nice new coat of Royal Mail red. However, this one is next to Sydney Gardens. A bit of a tourist spot.

Another box – on the London Road – remains as grimy as the day l first reported it – many months ago.

The tatty pillar letter box on the London Road.


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  1. On the subject of Pillar Boxes there has been a programme of stripping them back, undercoating them in pink and then repainting them in the proper Pillar Box Red. This has been happening for over a year now and I first noticed it on Third Avenue/King Edward Road. When you look you see lots of them.

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