Clean up Bath!

How nice to see – according to the online Chronicle – that our MP Ben Howlett wants action to deal with all the rubbish scattered across the streets of this city.

IMG_8951 (1)

Anyone who follows Bath Newseum will know this is a subject that l have raised time and time again. Something that a Facebook group called Streets of Shame has also been highlighting.


It’s time for B&NES to call a meeting with the people of Bath and discuss the whole question of refuse collection and listen to suggestions being made by people as to how to clean up Bath.


I walked into town today and it was like wading through a rubbish dump. At three points on the London Road bags had been ripped open and the contents scattered.


We are using the wrong containers and putting refuse out far too early for collection. It’s not enough to advise – the Council has to start enforcing a few rules.

Landlords should run the risk of fines. Maybe dustbins should come back into use. Maybe collections should be done at night.

These – and other suggestions – need talking about. Call a meeting. Let’s clean up our city.

You reap in money from the World Heritage bits and seem to let other areas go to pot.