A column for The Corridor.

I think l may have discovered a reason why B&NES seems to be turning a blind eye to the continuing ‘hurdle’ of A boards lined up outside The Corridor – despite its ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards such street obstacle courses.

Is this a new way of keeping us fit? Are Bath shoppers meant to leap over these boards?

According to Council leader Tim Warren’s latest on-line ‘blog’- http://www.bathnes.gov.uk/council-leaders-blog/supporting-events-leisure-and-refugees-across-district – The Corridor could be the location for the trial of a new form of multiple advertising that is designed not to block the pavement.

Cllr Warren says: ‘We are now starting to step up our enforcement of A-boards across the district to make sure that our streets are safe and free from clutter.

At the same time we are working with the Bath Business Improvement District (BID) to support local businesses and help people to enjoy them with advertising columns, which are set to soon be installed on a trial basis outside The Corridor in Bath.’

Will be keen to see what an ‘advertising column’ looks like and – it would seem – the A boards may stay around The Corridor until the new ‘joint advertising’ arrangement is in place.

A boards starting to creep across the High Street pavement towards the Guildhall!

All a bit ironic considering B&NES hated its own ‘direction columns’ which were removed to be replaced by the circular street maps inscribed on monolith ‘Space Odyssey’ inspired blocks dotted around the city.

The last old street direction sign comes down outside the Pump Room – just a couple of years ago.

I  remember photographing one such column being removed outside the Pump Room in Abbey Church Yard just a couple of years ago.


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