Get setts – gone?

There’s a big patch of tarmac at one end of Queen Street that at least one Bath trader is not happy about. Rod Humphries – who is the landlord of The Raven – has been trying to get an answer from B&NES as to why traditional stone setts outside his pub have not been re-laid and replaced with tarmac.

Queen Street before the stone blocks were lifted.

He has sent us a ‘before and after’ shot where you can clearly see that that quite a number of rows of stone blocks – at one end of the street – have not been put back

The view from the upstairs window of The Raven – showing where blocks have been replaced with tarmac.

– although most of this thoroughfare has seen the setts lifted and relaid to improve the overall surface.

It’s his understanding these ‘cobbles’ are Grade 2 listed and replacing 20 odd square metres of the original surface – he thinks – is spoiling the vintage effect of the street.

I have asked B&NES to comment. Seems Council Connect are saying this is a temporary repair and it will be replaced within six months.