Curse of the A board – Council response!

The Virtual Museum’s latest hi-lighting of the ‘menace’ of A boards on the streets of Bath has brought a pretty half-hearted response from B&NES.


They stretch half way across Union Street

These on-street pop-up adverts are spreading like a rash around the city.  The A boards in Union Street now stretch half way across this pedestrianised thoroughfare.

A boards starting to creep across the High Street pavement towards the Guildhall!

It is an obstacle to the old and partially-sighted. Are we supposed to leap over them?

Is this a new way of keeping us fit? Are Bath shoppers meant to leap over these boards?

Seems everywhere you look A-boards are springing up. There is not room on many pavements for wheel chairs or push chairs – let alone people.

They stretch out from both end of The Corridor and obstruct passage going through too!

Today (Wednesday, April 6th) B&NES say:

‘After announcing that the proliferation of A-Boards was of concern, the Cabinet are reviewing the Council policy towards them in May with a view to taking a more proactive approach to reducing the visual and safety impact that A-Boards have on our streets.

This will involve an active engagement process with retailers by officers that will inform them of the limited conditions for their usage.’

How much pavement room for push or wheel chair?

That’s a very wordy way of saying they are taking no immediate action to clear the streets!

Why wait until May. What are the rules and why aren’t the boards being cleared now. They are happy to organise the collection of gulls’ nests – so send a lorry around to pick up the boards.




  1. I say get rid of them all.
    Or at the very most have one for each of The Corridor and Northumberland Place, saying “More Shops This Way”.

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