Box of delights!

Box is a large village – five miles north east of Bath – best known for its stone quarries and Brunel’s railway tunnel.

The Hardy House Gallery at Box.

It’s now also the location of a new art gallery – that’s chosen this ‘out-of-town’ country location to let its displayed artwork breathe!

P1150372 (1)
Artist Nina Roberts is pictured with some of her work.

That’s the feeling l get from a visit to the Hardy House Gallery – established by artist owner Nina Roberts as a unique space to showcase work of originality and quality.P1150387

Nina is setting out to be ‘edgy’ in her choice of art to display and has also collaborated with Lane House Arts Gallery of Bath to present a joint first exhibition throughout April.

It’s called ‘Body Language’ and involves three artists who each interpret the human form through different media.P1150381

Claudio Ahlers – a German fine art photographer now based in Bristol – explores the emotional landscape of women and men as it reveals itself through the naked figure.

One of the photographic images on display from Claudio Ahlers

Drawing inspiration from his work in music, theatre and the moving image – as well as the rich history of photographic art – he creates unique still photographs that capture the fleeting subtleties, striking contradictions and subtle layers of human emotion and identity.

Work by Zsolt Dudas.

Zsolt Dudas is an Hungarian-born artist who is currently completing his Masters Degree in Fine Art at the Bath School of Art and design. He uses drawing and sculpture to support his painting to measure the body and explore its boundaries.

More artwork from Nina Roberts.

Meanwhile gallery owner and artist Nina Roberts  reflects an emotional connection with the past in her paintings – with a strong sense of design and the use of limited colour – she invites the viewer to look at subjects that are not always easy to read.

L to R. Jenny Pollitt, Director of Lane House Arts and Nina Roberts, artist and gallery owner at Hardy House Gallery.

The exhibition continues through to April 30th from Wednesday to Saturday of each week from ll am to 5pm.

More information via  and you can also explore the Lane House Gallery in Bath via