It’s not cricket!

Just reading on Facebook how a Victorian gasholder which has formed the backdrop to Test cricket for more than 130 years has been given protected status.


It’s ‘Gasholder No 1’ next to the Oval ground in Kennington, London, and it’s been given a Grade 11 listing. An accolade it is given for ‘its historical, technical and architectural interest and for its importance in the landscape.’

‘It’s part of London’s Victorian history’ – says Heritage Minister David Evennett.

Elsewhere – in the capital and on the canalside at King’s Cross – three ‘historic’ and ‘landmark’  gasholders have been reborn as apartments and penthouses. What vision! What a great way of letting something – which speaks for the past – go forward as part of the urban future.

How London makes room for its industrial​ past.

Here in Bath, we parted company with the last our historic gasholders last year. A part of our skyline that is no more.

gas holder
The framework to Bath’s last gas holder.

Our city isn’t really promoted as having  a Victorian legacy – even less so an industrial one.

The only little bit of a Bath gas holder l have seen since its demolition!

If it’s not Georgian it’s late-Georgian or it’s Roman.

Was any part of our last gas holder saved as an example of Bath’s history and heritage?