Pavement art.

My iPhone is my ever-ready, portable and easily accessible camera and it is amazing what catches the eye.

Decided to track down some nooks and crannies on a walk down into town along Walcot Street.

Tiled entrance way to a Walcot Street shop.

Lovely tessellated entrance way to an old shop and l always love the cellar skylights but it’s a shame the chewing gum blotches seem to gather in fury the closer you get to the city centre.

IMG_7221 (1)
Glass skylight above Walcot Street cellar.
I hate chewing gum!

I am also saddened by the state of the letterbox on the way up off the London Road. If it was on Great Pulteney Street – or somewhere like Union Street – it would be better kept to please the tourists. Lat’s give this one a fresh coat of paint please!

The tatty pillar letter box on the London Road.
Compared to this fine fellow in the town centre.

Down into the High Street and outside my bank evidence that we don’t all get to sleep on a spring-loaded mattress.

Someone’s street-side home.

This sleeping quarter was unoccupied when l passed by. I found the reading material somewhat ironic.

‘The Life Recovery Book’.