Polishing up the ticket office.

The main ticket office into the Roman Baths is closed at the moment while the floor is being sanded and re-varnished

Amazing what a new coat of varnish can do.

A temporary ticket office has been set up to keep things moving and can be found by turning left inside the main door and follow the corridor around.

The sanded floor- before the varnish was applied.

Clearer signage  (when l visited a couple of days ago) would have helped – but the guys on the door are patiently pointing everyone looking confused  in the right direction.

A spokesperson for the Roman Baths told the Virtual Museum: ‘

The reception hall will re-open on 1st February. The floor sanding is due to the attrition from around 12 million feet since it was completely re-laid in 2004.

We are also installing new audio guide equipment which involves some modifications to the central storage unit in the middle of the reception desk.

This means that later in the year we will be able to offer a revised tour in 12 languages – currently we have eight.’