New pathways for the Holburne.

Work is progressing well on re-surfacing a much more firmly laid foundation for the car park at Bath’s Holburne Museum.

A new tarmac covering for the car park with a layer of fine stone to go on top which will blend in with the Bath stone of the main building.

The newly covered facility will be back in use at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, contractors are cutting a path around the Holburne Extension for a new path layout at the rear of the building to ease the problems with mud and puddles  and take the pressure off the areas of real grass.

Marking out the area for a new gravel pathway.

Steps are going to be laid linking up to Sydney Garden beyond with a special slope way to ensure those in wheelchairs can also exit and enter through the back garden gate.

Work has started on marking out an area for a new pathway at the rear of the Holburne.