Fracking concerns for Bath.

Ben Howlett, MP for Bath.
Ben Howlett, MP for Bath.

Bath’s MP Ben Howlett says he’s going to push for a debate on Fracking so he can help ensure the city’s thermal waters are not affected by this underground extraction process for harvesting oil or gas.

He has also made plans to meet with the Minister of State for Energy this month to specifically ask about the future of Bath in regards to fracking, and this week raised the issue in the House of Commons where he asked:

“Last week the Delegated Legislation Committee on fracking was voted through, and whilst protections have been looked at for UNESCO world heritage sites, such as my own constituency of Bath, the spa water that feeds into these spas sits outside of that protected zone and my constituents are genuinely concerned about that. Does he agree that a debate is desperately needed on this particular issue?”

Ben told the Virtual Museum: “I was not altogether happy with the response I received, or the information I have to date about how Bath’s unique waters will be protected and I am therefore going to push for a Debate on the matter to ensure that Bath’s thermal waters are fully protected for future generations.”