Gull ‘wardens’ for Bath?

Ben Howlett, MP for Bath.
Ben Howlett, MP for Bath.

How do you fancy volunteering to be a Gull Warden? If Bath’s new MP Ben Howlett has anything to do with it that is one idea he would like put into practice.

Food on demand it seems for Bath's resident gulls.
Food on demand it seems for Bath’s resident gulls.

People who could help explain to some of their neighbours how important it is to help keep the streets clean and cut off the ‘unofficial’ food supply that is helping the city’s gull population to prosper and grow.

Ben says he thinks it would help to create that ‘sense of responsibility’ he feels Bath has lost over recent years.

The Virtual Museum has been talking to him about Bath’s gull problem and the recent survey he carried out to gauge public opinion of the subject.