T’ai Chi – Roman styled.

Residents of Bath and North East Somerset who wish to start their day following a session of early morning gentle exercise and relaxation should look no further.

From late September to early December, Bath & North East Somerset Council is offering weekly T’ai Chi sessions on the terrace at the Roman Baths in Bath.

The terrace at the Roman Baths
The terrace at the Roman Baths

The beautiful terrace will be the venue for the sessions on Tuesdays, 30 September; 7, 14, 21 and 28 October; 4, 11, 18, 25 November and 2 December.

All sessions will commence at 8.15am and finish at 8.45am. Sessions are open to anyone interested in improving their balance and general psychological health.

T’ai Chi is a Chinese martial art, which is widely believed to promote well-being by focusing the mind on the physical movements which bring about a state of mental calm. What better way to start the working day? Can you hold a position as well as the historical figures gazing down upon you?

Councillor Ben Stevens (Lib-Dem, Widcombe), the Council’s Cabinet Member for Sustainable Development, said: “Practising an ancient and gentle martial art form in the historic and calm environment of the terrace at the Roman Baths will set people up for the rest of the day, whatever their plans, and will also allow us to see the Roman Baths in a new light.

Another terrace overlooking the Great Bath
Another terrace overlooking the Great Bath

“Many centuries ago, the Roman Baths were a meeting place and it is wonderful that the terrace is still used as a meeting place for Bath’s modern residents and workers.

The early morning T’ai Chi session would fit easily into a working day or a trip to the shops or other sites of cultural and historical interest.”

The sessions cost £40 for a block of ten and should be booked in advance by calling 01225 477773. It is advised to wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes.