More delays for cycle schemes

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The old system outside there Holburne. Now cleared away. Click on images to enlarge.

Bath’s new cycle hire scheme is now set to launch around mid-June – that’s a month and a half after its  planned start-up date – and the weather is getting the blame.

Seems – although the old hubs have been removed weeks ago – according to a B&NES spokesperson the project was delayed ‘as the electricity company responsible for removing the previous infrastructure needed to prioritize repairs to power lines serving homes and businesses across the south-west which were disrupted by severe weather conditions.’

The new cycleway at Batheaston. Click on images to enlarge.
The new cycleway at Batheaston. Click on images to enlarge.

Leave you to make your own minds up on that one as l cannot see why the new company operating the new system cannot get on with installing it right now.

Another delay to announce – and it’s being blamed on the weather again – this time affecting the new cycle route from Batheaston to Bathampton.

According to a B&NES spokesperson:

‘Relatively recent rainfall has delayed the final construction activities at Batheaston. Construction works to complete the cycle path are due to commence again shortly with completion envisaged around July.’

Let’s not hold our breath. Could be ready in time for the next inundation of the Avon flood plain.