We’re not anti-motorist says Council chief

Battered and financially bruised it may be but Bath and North East Somerset Council has not given up on its aims to make Bath – with its central World Heritage status – a more environmentally friendly place in which to live and work.

Dorchester Street
Dorchester Street

This week saw a u-turn on the latest bus-gate experiment in Dorchester Street where those who were fined for not appreciating the change of ‘status’ will get their money back.

This follows on from plans to limit heavy goods vehicles in central parts being overturned by outside agencies.

Bath has been trying to find a way to protect its heritage from traffic damage for years. It’s also got to embrace the fact that this is a working and growing city which relies on its visitors for trade and prosperity.

In an interview with the Virtual Museum the Leader of the Council – Cllr Paul Crossley – insisted that B&NES was not against the motorist and had not run out of ideas to come up with a long-term traffic management solution.

Please click on the video link below to hear his interview in full.