How loo can you get!

The existing facilities in Sydney Gardens
The existing facilities in Sydney Gardens

Not everyone is happy with the decision by B&NES to contract out its public conveniences to a private company who have said they will upgrade and maintain the ‘comfort-stops’ in their care around the city.

However it looks like ‘spending a penny’ is going to get twenty times more expensive when it comes to using the toilets in Sydney Gardens after a transformation planned by their new managers.

I bumped into one park user who could not wait to tell me more.



I took this up with the Leader of B&NES, Cllr Paul Crossley, who told me:

“Before awarding the contract to Healthmatic, useage counts were carried out. Healthmatic run these things in many areas and together we are confident that one fully accessible unit for the park will meet needs.

Obviously if there were to be a big event held in the park then as part of the event review the need for and numbers of portable units would have to be considered by the organisers of such an event.”