Boarded-up balustrade at the Weir

The city of Bath would appear to be featuring quite prominently at present within the pile of applications now under consideration for sizeable grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Bath Abbey, the Cleveland Pools and even Sydney Gardens are all in there hoping for a financial break that will either help them improve facilities or allow a new lease of life.

bath abbey
Bath Abbey

I wish all three projects well. The Abbey should hear something early next month.

In the meantime l fear another iconic spot within this World Heritage city will soon be crying out for attention.

Boarded up section at Pulteney Weir
Boarded up section at Pulteney Weir

Have you noticed how boarding is creeping along the balustrade at Grand Parade?

It’s a very popular location where thousands of tourists each year pause to take pictures of Pulteney Bridge and Weir.

Some of the shaped stone pillars supporting the balustrade would appear to be badly eroded.

This was once the site of fulling and corn mills on either side of the river. Newmarket Row was widened in 1890-5 to create Grand Parade and its long Tuscan colonnade of thirteen bays below – next to the weir.

Sign-writer at work at The Boater!
Sign-writer at work at The Boater!

While Bath and North East Somerset Council is currently searching for high profile restaurants to help achieve the re-birth of the colonnaded area beneath this important walkway – one wonders if that regeneration is also being seen as the hoped-for event that will pay for the stone balustrade above it to be repaired.

Grand 'arade'
Grand ‘arade’

In the meantime why not start a sponsor a pillar scheme?

Anything would look better than the boarding.

Also – when the sign-writer has finished re-doing the pub sign at The Boater – maybe he would come and re-do the Grand Parade sign for B&NES.