Bath bikers on the increase.

advertising bikesNew census data released by the Office for National Statistics today reveals that the number of people cycling to work in Bath has increased by more than a quarter (26%) between 2001 and 2011.

However, nine miles away, in Bristol the number of people commuting by bike has almost doubled (+94%) between those ten years.

Other most improved cities were London (+144%), Brighton and Hove (+109%), Manchester (+83%) and Newcastle (+81%). In Wales the most successful local authority was Cardiff which saw an increase of +65%.

In contrast the average for England and Wales, cycling to work levels were unchanged at 2.8%.

Rachel Bromley, Policy advisor for transport charity Sustrans commented:

“These new figures are telling of the haphazard approach of many authorities to get with the times and improve provision for the increasing number of people wanting to cycle to work.

“The public demand is there and many urban councils such as Bristol have made good progress in training and infrastructure as is shown by the outstanding Bristol cycling results. It shows when decision makers put their minds into increasing cycling, real progress can be made.

“Cycling is a silver bullet for Britain’s local transport needs through improving access, reducing congestion and tackling air pollution. The benefits to the individual are also huge as cycling is a great way to build physical activity into people’s daily routine.”