Square deal proposed for historic urban space

queen square
Historic Queen Square in Bath. Click on images to enlarge.

A scheme to close two of the lengths of road around Queen Square for big events could lead to something more permanent  – if the proposal is seen to work in terms of traffic management.

This would be seen as a step to re-unite this iconic and historic urban space with its surroundings and with the people who live or enjoy visiting this 18th century gem.

The square was John Wood the Elder’s first big scheme outside the original city walls and an early example of this type of terraced living around an enclosed and exclusive space.

Now the Council hope they can help make it more inclusive – as far as local people and visitors are concerned.

Cllr David Dixon
Cllr David Dixon

The Virtual Museum has been talking to Cllr David Dixon who is not only Deputy Leader of B&NES but also cabinet member for neighbourhoods.

He has been speaking about the proposals and also how he hopes the Council can stop any more damage being done to trees in the park area.

Recent evidence of damage to a tree in Queen Square.
Recent evidence of damage to a tree in Queen Square.

Some of them have recently come under attack from a man whose dog who has been seen chewing and seriously damaging the bark of many mature specimens in the central area.

Cllr Dixon is also hoping those who live and work around Queen Square might like to take a greater role in helping to protect and enhance the beautiful space they share.

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