Parkside resting place for pooches.

IMG_4343Pleased to say l appear to have solved the mystery of the pet’s cemetery l discovered last summer in the middle of a hot but very colourful Parade Gardens.

There – in the middle of this riverside park – was a  collection of headstones which seemed to date from the 1880’s though to at least 1988!IMG_4345

Most would appear to be ‘faithful’ dogs and seemed to be either ‘gentle and loving’ or who died ‘defending their home!’

IMG_4348Only one memorial stone that looked a little suspect? Are these genuine. Who can tell me more – l asked?

Months later l am sitting in Roscoff Deli in Northumberland Place when two people from the Parks Department at B&NES walk in. They were out trying to sell window boxes to the traders there.

Introducing myself – and the Virtual Museum – l did not expect them to be able to help with my inquiry. However, the guys were wonderful and told me Parade Gardens were once the private grounds belonging to the houses in John Wood’s North Parade.

Parade Gardens
Parade Gardens

The residents even had a tunnel from their side of North Parade Road into their parkland where they were obviously burying their pooches. Seems the gardens are still only leased by B&NES and that’s why outside visitors are charged admission.

Thanks for that – does anyone know anymore?