Bath residents ask – why are we forgotten?

Whole swathes of Bath’s architectural history and heritage are at risk from flooding and nothing is being down to protect them.

Ian Herve, Secretary Henrietta Park Association
Ian Herve, Secretary
Henrietta Park Association

That’s the claim being made by one city resident who told the Virtual Museum he lives on the ‘forgotten’ side of Pulteney Bridge and upstream from the main section of the River Avon through Bath which, he says,  is the focus all the flood-prevention work because it’s passing through an area that’s being redeveloped.

Upstream of Pulteney Bridge
Upstream of Pulteney Bridge

Ian Herve is the secretary of the Henrietta Park Association and is co-ordinating a new campaign to get the authorities to take notice of the threat to their riverside district.

Such is the risk, says Ian, that his insurance premium has recently gone up by 80 per cent.

He spoke to the Virtual Museum.