Let water take its course

The Avon flooding its water meadows

One positive amongst all the negatives when it comes to the flooding misery so many have been enduring is that people are now taking the marked variations in our climate a little more seriously.

The Somerset Levels are a little outside the VMB’s area but how exciting it would be if we suddenly went Dutch and started crisscrossing the levels with proper canals. A way of controlling water and providing a transport route for farmers?

The River Avon overflowing on to its flood plain at Kensington Meadows.
The River Avon overflowing on to its flood plain at Kensington Meadows.

Much is now being made of what is called ‘run-off.’ It’s not so much a question of dredging rivers and rhynes as of providing the means to let water soak away before it collects at the bottoms of the hills and becomes too much for our rivers to carry.

It’s a good time to look again at all the planning permissions being given for people to tarmac over front gardens to accommodate the family car.

If it has to be done then don’t allow tarmac but insist on some permeable surface that allows water to escape.

Swathes of tarmac!
Swathes of tarmac! Click on images to enlarge them.

All new housing developments should be forced to use permeable surfaces from here on in.

If the money is ever found to ‘restore’ Sydney Gardens in Bath it would be a good time to rip up the vast swathes of tarmac there and use something that allows proper drainage.