Art and the rail engineer

brunel victoria gallery Brunel’s Great Western Railway certainly opened up Bath in terms of transport and trade but this engineering marvel came in handy when the city needed to promote its recently discovered Roman baths and its spa and Georgian architecture to a new type of visitor – the rail-travelling day-tripper.brunel at victoria

A new exhibition at Bath’s Victoria Gallery looks at the mighty GWR and its impact on Bath. It will delight rail fans and lovers of Bath and its industrial history.brunel at victoria

It features 19th century views of the railway through the city, a wonderful collection of railway posters and the amazing panorama of Victorian life The Railway Station by William Powell Frith – kindly loaned by Royal Holloway College, London University.

There’s even a model train set to delight the children – whatever their age!P1060947

The Virtual Museum has been talking to Katharine Wall who curated the exhibition.

NB. My poster images are of printed art mounted behind glass for the exhibition – so  apologies for the reflections in the glass.



One painting on display was actually commissioned for the exhibition. It’s entitled Bath Spa station at night and is by Peter Brown. He is the artist better known as ‘Pete the street’ for his habit of working outdoors in all weathers.

Peter will have his own exhibition at the Victoria Gallery from February 8th until March 27th next year.peter brown

Bath and the Great Western Railway continues at the Victoria Gallery until February 2nd next year. Tickets are £2.50.