Keynsham three-wheeler

Keynsham three-wheeler

Well l knew Keynsham had an illustrious Roman and Mediaeval past but had no idea it was a centre for automobiles.
Just yesterday l asked any Virtual Museum visitors whether they could tell me more about the Avon Tri-Mobile and the Keynsham Works?

This image of it picture (this is a photocopy) seems to have been taken by an Exeter photographer.
Look at the number plate – FB2! Also the size of those oil-fed (?) lamps.

My thanks to Roger Vercoe who sent me the following:

‘Just seen your piece about the Avon three-wheeler from Keynsham. I’ve had a quick look through my library of motoring books and magazines but the only reference I can find is that it’s c1902 (and the photo rather confirms that period).
It was a wheel-steered car – as opposed to the tillers used by many at the time, with a 3.75 hp engine and a radiator either side of the seat.

There was a three-speed gearbox that was operated by cable. It would seem that not many were ever made? I’ve certainly never seen one, so it makes you wonder if any have survived anywhere? I wish that one was mine!

Incidentally, I found the information in: Wise, D.B., ‘The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Automobiles’ (New Burlington: London, 1979)’

Thanks Roger. Well l wonder if there is an Avon three-wheeler still in working order? Anyone help with any more information?