Keynsham residents to hear river regeneration plans

The people of Keynsham are being offered a chance to hear and comment upon plans for the regeneration of the River Avon in their area.

Keynsham Town Council has invited The River Regeneration Trust to present its far-reaching plans to the council and the people of Keynsham at an extraordinary meeting to be held in the Town Council offices in Temple Street, Keynsham on October 1st.

English: River Avon, near Keynsham Hams.
English: River Avon, near Keynsham Hams. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bath and North East Somerset Council’s River and Canal Champion, Cllr Dave Laming, said:

‘This presentation represents an overview of what we know can be achieved for Keynsham’s Broadmead Peninsula, subject to the usual permissions being granted.

We are proud to offer this green jobs vision to the people of Keynsham, with the willing co-operation of Wessex Water, The Canal and River Trust, B&NES Council and the larger landowners.’

The presentation emphasises employment opportunities for the area, particularly those in ‘green’ clean manufacturing, house-building, houseboats, recreation and leisure.

The end result will be a mix of educational, leisure, employment and homes, including  environment and picnic parks, micro business units and an early learning aquatic centre.

Other key components of The Trust’s vision for the peninsula include solutions for its transport, flood and waste management needs.

Cllr Laming added:

‘It is important to emphasise that our presentation is for the people of Keynsham to amend, comment on and contribute to, through proper and thorough public consultation.

It’s only with community support and involvement that something very special for the historic town of Keynsham can be created, in a lasting way, for generations to come.’