Lights versus loos

Elsewhere on the Virtual Museum you will see recent news about a multi-million pound upgrade to public conveniences within the city of Bath.

P1060108Something that will be welcomed by shoppers and tourists alike but this doesn’t hold out much hope for the public conveniences in places like Larkhall that are destined for eventual closure to save Council money for other services.

The public toilets in Larkhall Square.
The public toilets in Larkhall Square.

Having an opportunity to talk to the Council leader, Cllr Paul Crossley, l asked whether there were other ways of saving money.

I thought street lighting was a possible candidate for a re-think. In the past the Authority has taken pride in the fact that our streets are well-lit but do all the lights need to be on all of the time? Apart from the fact you can’t see the stars – even on a clear night!