Fun runs but the route marking left-overs are not amusing.

Dodging the showers tonight – with friends – for a walk out to Bathampton and a drink at the Mill before heading back to Larkhall.

IMG_4379Now l know a lot of people put an awful amount of effort into organising and competing in so-called charity runs but l do wish people would clear up afterwards.IMG_4380

Everywhere through the village is evidence of lengths of tied tape, plastic road signs and – even worse – arrows that appear to have been sprayed on pavements using a substance the rain is not washing away.

IMG_4378 It’s  almost vandalism folks.

Also noticed a large number of horse chestnut trees with leaves discoloured by brown blotchy markings.IMG_4396

Looks as if autumn has arrived early.

Was concerned this might be the tree-threatening bleeding canker which is spreading around the country.

Quick trip to Royal Horticultural Society web site reassures me its ‘leaf blotch’ and – although a fungal infection – is unsightly but not fatal to  the trees.IMG_4390