Is SouthGate almost seagull free?

English: The new SouthGate shopping centre in ...
English: The new SouthGate shopping centre in the foreground, behind the new Bath Bus Station, with the city of Bath in the background. Photo taken from top of Beechen Cliff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does the SouthGate Shopping complex have a mystery ingredient to keep seagulls at bay? Just something l was asked when stopping for a coffee at Roscoff Deli in Northumberland Place by someone who had heard there were very few of our feathered ‘friends’ on those down-town roofs – compared to the raucous colony above the older streets of mid-town.

I sent an email down to SouthGate and received a prompt reply from the Deputy General Manager, Charles Barratt.

Gulls and rubbish pictured recently in the High Street.

He told me there was no magic ingredient involved.

” The seagulls are still an issue for us, although we do have bird wiring on the cills and fly birds of prey four times a week. The plant areas are covered with netting and there is regular movement from the residents of the apartments.

We are however going to be testing the ‘fire gel’ that was mentioned in the Bath Chronicle a few weeks ago.”

That is a gel – spread over the roof – which fools the gulls into thinking their potential rooftop nesting sites are on fire! In this weather – l think we all are.