Blooming lovely!

A new hole for a bust stop!
A new hole for a bus stop!(Click on photo to see larger image)

The work to increase the pedestrianised areas within the High Street and Orange Grove is nearly complete.

Only some of the new paving is having to come up again so permanent bus stops can be installed and then, l think, more will come up for bus shelters in the near future.

Meanwhile the new pedestrian green-man crossing at Orange Grove did not swing into action on Monday. I hear one of the traffic light posts has been hit by a bus passing a little too close and will have to be replaced.

This is not the bus that hit the lights!
This is not the bus that hit the lights!

One of the ideas behind the new paving was to slow traffic down.

A lesson that will have to be learned quickly if money is to be saved on constant replacements.

IMG_4037 High winds last Saturday were responsible for a grand old inhabitant of Sydney Gardens taking a fall.

Tree surgeons have been busy cutting up a 150 year old specimen brought down by a sudden strong gust.

Luckily no one was hurt. I have no news – as yet – on a replacement.IMG_4038

Talking of things green and still blooming. I see Bath’s summer flowers are at last making their mark along Union Street and Stall Street. It’s a grand job they do in the Parks Department every year.

Bath in bloom!
Bath in bloom!