It’s a green light for Bath Rugby Club

Bath Rugby Ground at the Rec.
Bath Rugby Ground at the Rec.

Looks like the last obstacle to redeveloping Bath Rugby’s facilities at the Recreation Ground has been overcome with news that the Charity Commission has given the go-ahead for the scheme. This approval of plans  has been welcomed by the Recreation Ground Trust.

Under the scheme, supported by 87% of the public during a consultation held in November 2012, there will be:

  • A new trustee body of at least seven Trustees for the Rec;
  • Powers given to the Recreation Ground Trust to grant a new lease to Bath Rugby on the land it currently occupies, together with some additional land. This would enable Bath Rugby to redevelop its ground to meet Premier League standards.
  • A separate trust created for the Leisure Centre.

Councillor David Dixon, Chair of the existing Recreation Ground Trustees, said, “As a result of this decision by the Charity Commission, we can now move forwards to achieve the outcomes which hold an overwhelming majority of public support. The legal issues surrounding the Rec were difficult and complex, so we are delighted to get to this point. With the Trust’s finances more secure, we can now plan with more certainty the future of this wonderful recreational facility for the people right in the heart of Bath.”IMG_3852

What the Scheme means for Bath Rugby

Any new arena would have stands on three sides. A temporary east stand would be erected for the playing season and removed during the summer so that the pitch would be available for trust uses during the summer.  Replacement land would be received by the Trust from Bath Rugby as compensation for the land that it occupied at the Rec.

What the Scheme means for the Leisure 

The two Trusts will come to an agreement on the maintenance of the Leisure Centre and its removal at the end of its useful life. When this has been agreed, the Commission can issue a further order to merge the two trusts back into one.