Making light of it

The chandeliers lowered for cleaning.
The chandeliers lowered for cleaning. (click on images for bigger picture)

A treat in store for the holiday visitors l took around Bath’s best known attractions this morning in my role as a Mayor’s Guide.

The amazing London made cut-glass crystal Georgian chandeliers in the ballroom at the Assembly Rooms were down for cleaning and maintenance.They are lowered twice a year by winch for  experts to inspect them closely.

Maintenance gets underway.
Maintenance gets underway.

An opportunity to take a couple of pictures while we watched a delicate job get underway.

I hear each crystal lantern is now insured for over a million pounds and that the single chandelier in the Card Room is insured for over three million pounds.

Electric powered these days of course. When they were first used they were stocked with 11-hour candles. It gave you a seven hour burn for a ball and left four hours to illuminate a concert the day after!