Video clips of Bath

Let’s see if l can help a local mate who is in the same business of communicating as l am.

Alastair Rzeznicki is a television colleague who worked as a cameraman for ITN.

In 2010 he founded  Sunflower Newsroom which is now offering packages to people wanting either footage to add to their own visual campaigns or experienced film and story makers who can do the job for you.

He tells me:

“I have been building a video clips library for the City. has 8000 video clips and counting, with 3000 from Bath.

The purpose of the Resource is to help any organisation, of any size, tell important local video stories professionally about history, heritage, tourism, health and wellbeing, transport, climate, (Bath links to slavery!), local services, and the challenges and opportunities we collectively face as a city/region, and so on…”

I met him to find out more.