Pic of the day. Saturday, November 4th

I think it’s been raining rather a lot. Plenty of run-off swelling the River Avon.

The first real night of bangs and whizzes as November 5th extends from the 3rd to the 6th and beyond.

George our cat – along with other animals everywhere l am sure – spent the night cowering in a corner.

They make fireworks without bangs now. That should be the only ones they are allowed to sell.


  1. That’s a rather biased, one-sided kill-joy piece of journalism, Richard, simply because you have chosen to have a cat.

    Think about the sheer joy the loud bangs, the wooshes and the whooops bring, when fireworks go off & fly in to the sky, for millions of children – and adults alike !
    Didn’t you enjoy them as a child ?

    The namby-pamby elimination of fun !!

    Simple solution : don’t have animals if you live in a city !

    1. It is my opinion and nothing else. As to ‘don’t have animals if you live in a city’ you are asking for a mass cull in Bath! PS I live betwixt town and country – so l care about wildlife too.

  2. I was watching 19 swans on the river by my home when quite a big firework party was banging away nearby . They seemed to totally ignore the commotion and piled across the rushing torrent to partake of my big new bag of swan food . They paddled away all night to remain in the same spot against the rising current, finally giving up in the morning and climbing out onto the towpath where they similarly ignored the attention of curious dogs and passing cyclists. Nature perfectly at home in an urban setting.

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