A wee plug ( with apologies to my Scottish friends)

Don’t get caught short!

Catch up with my column in the October edition of the glorious Bath Magazine which is out there around Bath for you to pick up and enjoy!


  1. Thanks for bringing the topic up Richard. As chair of the local Blue Badge Guides I have struggled to make the council listen to this problem and have pretty much given up. With my numerous Dutch clients coming from Weston-s-M, Swindon etc I just make a joke of it: “You need to buy a cup of coffee to get to the toilet”. It’s disgraceful that a city that is listed twice as a WHS has no ‘convenient’ conveniences as there were in the old Riverside CP: telling me to go to Kingsmead Sq is not helpful. A regular beneficiary is the Pavilion cafe on Royal Avenue. But it shouldn’t be like that.

  2. I agree Richard. As you know I’m a lady of certain age and when I need to go I need to go!!
    Gender neutral toilets take some getting used to and there are things ladies who are younger than me must do regularly. It not the loo it’s the handwash.
    If we have gender neutral loos then the cubicles must have handwash facilities inside the cubicle.

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