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B&NES got a mention ‘ in the House’ just recently when Bath MP Wera Hobhouse praised Bath & North East Somerset Council during a Commons Chamber debate on local government.

She invited Secretary of State Michael Gove to join her in commending B&NES Council for rebuilding its finances.  

It comes amid news that Birmingham City Council recently declared itself effectively bankrupt.

Mrs Hobhouse noted the pressure on local councils caused by underfunding, and highlighted the financial prudence of B&NES Council, allowing them to deliver quality levels of service despite a reduction in government support from £21 million in 2015 to zero in recent years. 

Secretary of State Michael Gove responded that there were ‘one or two’ good Liberal Democrat councils, though he refused to name them. 

Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrat MP for Bath, commented:

“I am tremendously proud of our Lib Dem councillors in Bath and North East Somerset, who keep delivering for local residents despite this. That is why in the May election we Lib Dems became the first party to ever win a second term in power at the B&NES council. 

“As MP for Bath, I support greater powers and funding for our councillors, so they can continue to perform to the high standard my constituents deserve.”