For the love of Jane

The Jane Austen Festival Promenade was back with a vengeance today and – under a clear blue sky – provided a spectacular post-COVID official opening to this year’s event. Something that attracts fans from all around the world.

I am amazed more Regency-dressed ladies and gentlemen did not succumb to the heat but can only speak for witnessing them parade through Great Pulteney Street and the High Street and Milsom Street – on their way to the Assembly Rooms.

Great Pulteney Street would have looked even better without cars – AND the event clashed with the university’s open day – so l had pity for those trapped in their vehicles as part of the queue into the city along the London Road.

I came in on my bike!

Here’s the full procession passing me by in Great Pulteney Street – after massing at the Holburne Museum.. Fans may enjoy but you can always FF !

PS. A little extra on today’s Jane Austen Festival Promenade in Bath, UK.

It’s a big event for this World Heritage city where Ms. Austen lived for some years.

People come from all over the world to put on Regency costumes and take part. Over 400 on parade and on a hot and sunny day too!