Monumental job!

Not all of our history is written in books. Those who want to know more about our city’s past as a fashionable resort, and those who lived and died here, have only to visit Bath Abbey and take in the amazing array of inscripted and often sculpted memorials on its walls and floor.

Our parish church contains the largest collection of monuments in any UK church or cathedral and – long before the city’s now celebrated museums and galleries were established – this fascinating collection was one of Bath’s most sought-after tourist attractions.

I am sure that still is the case – though few of them have remained in their original locations. Tidied up by the Victorians.

Dr Oliver Taylor, who is Head of Interpretation at Bath Abbey, has researched and now published a beautifully illustrated book on the subject, entitled Bath Abbey’s Monuments.

I went to speak to him before the official book launch at the Abbey.

The book is available at the Abbey shop, city book shops and on Amazon. It’s published by